Charity begins at Home-Moving


They say that charity begins at home, but we’d like to take this further. So much money is donated to large national charities that those right in front of our nose can be overlooked.

As estate agents with a wholly local focus, we are acutely aware that every day we deal with home ownership matters, mostly for healthy and often wealthy individuals. It’s easy to forget those who are less fortunate than ourselves. We drive around, showing people properties, often oblivious to those who are not so mobile who would love to get out, but, through reasons of disability, incapacity, old age or social exclusion are unable to do so.

This is why we support Buzzer Buses which is a local charity that provides door to door transport service for members of the local community travelling within a five mile radius of Leighton Buzzard.

The service is available to people who cannot access a regular bus service. Supported primarily by Central Bedfordshire Council, Leighton Buzzard Town Council and donations from the public, users are able to travel for a subsidised rate of as little as £1.50 per single journey to shops, social clubs, doctors, dentists, friends, etc. (please see . Buzzer Buses also provide a service for commuters to the Leighton Buzzard train station.

At Squares Estate Agents, we’re proud to support Buzzer busses and from 1st July we’ll be donating a percentage of our sales revenues from new instructions, plus a set figure per rental. If you decide to sell or let your property through Squares Estate Agents, not only will you will you receive a top-level service from informed property marketing professionals who dare to be different on many levels, but you will also be making a very worthwhile contribution to the day to day lives of others.

So now, when we say "we help people move" we really do - in more ways than one!
Please feel free to call us on 01525 852255 to arrange a free, no-obligation, non-pushy, marketing proposal meeting with one of our excellent consultants.

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